In a world that is haunted by dark shadows like Dick Cheney, BP, and Blackwater, shadows whose nefarious actions are not well reported in the mainstream media, nor well understood in popular consciousness, the truth that shapes our lives is hidden behind a veil of propaganda. In this situation, to make art that is innocent of political content is to step behind that veil, to be blinded by it. But to step out and take a stand can have its price. We make art under the name Johnny Everyman and keep anonymity to provide a platform from which to communicate clear of any assumptions or political repercussions.


“If you are on a speeding train you can’t be neutral.”

                            -Howard Zinn


Our collaborations vary from one project to the next. The first, an installation piece called Unknown Soldier, is a collaboration between four artists. Our most recent, the painting Thanksgiving for the Blankfeins!, is a collaboration between two artists. It’s also a collaboration of a sort with Norman Rockwell and his iconic painting, Freedom from Want. Our painting Great Leaders Accomplishing Mission of Mutual Enrichment! is a collaboration of a sort with the Chinese social realist painter Chen Yanning and his painting, Chairman Mao Inspects the Guangdong Countryside.